The Skyboard - Mobile billboards

How to emerge in the world of OOH? If not by the number, it is by the surprise of the size! The Mediafield Skyboards offer this opportunity. From 40m² to 180m² per side, mobile Skyboards never go unnoticed. They can always be placed on demand in the lively, strategic locations of Belgium and throughout Europe at the very heart of your target audience.


The Murals - Artvertising

Through the handpainted murals, Mediafield offers audacious and creative brands to stand out by expressing themselves in an original, creative, artistic and especially unique in urban worlds. The wall painting is an art in itself, beyond the masterful advertising impact of a gable of several hundred square meters, it also incorporates unique emotional dimension worthy of the most beautiful brands.


The Street - Wild postering

Urban postering is still dominated by structured and integrated networks where posters are placed in frames either in bus shelters or on the front of shops. However, the urban trotter already very accustomed notices them less and less. How to still surprise him? How to reach a younger, more dynamic and mobile target, sensitive to new communication codes? The Street offers a complementary approach and offers the possibility of a wild expression in the heart of cities but also a creative and dynamic approach understood by a young and connected audience.


The Posters - Night Shop

The universe of Night Shops is an ultra dynamic universe and a favorite place for the launch of new references in the sector of drinks or snacks. Mediafield offers through its national network ‘The Posters’ a strong visibility on large format (A0) and offers you also the referencing or setting up your products at the heart of 250 well selected outlets. In addition, you can even enjoy digital visibility on the 80 digital screens of the premium network ‘Night & Day’.



The UFO stands for The Unmissable Freight Object. This new vehicle combines the utility of a freighter with the visibility of an advertising platform. Mediafield is pleased to represent this first freight vehicle that fully transforms into the product it is carrying. From now on, The UFO® will be participating in Belgian traffic. Coca-Cola is the first company to start using The UFO®. Coca-Cola transformed The UFO® into a multipack with 18 Red Devils-cans, which will undoubtedly generate additional impact.


The Publidrivers

The Publidrivers is a new OOH mobility product by Mediafield. This product uses a fleet of branded cars to target a specific geographical area. It enables individuals to decorate their cars in the color scheme of an advertiser. This way the drivers transform into ambassadors of the brand in question. The first user of this unique service is Federale Assurance, they opted for fully electric vehicles which were used as free shuttle cars. Clients and potential clients were driven around in cities following the opening of new Federale Assurance offices.